Saturday, 27 March 2010

Phew . . . .

Firstly, let me appologise for not being around much. The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least.

All my Wedding Invites have been made and the daytime invites have been delivered, even after a huge fluff up on Royal Mail's part (too much to go into).

I've made a fair few cards but unfortunately my camera is broken thanks to my 21 month old son who now thinks he's David Bailey !!

On Tuesday I answered Bev's request to help Jill from The Hobby House to work on their stall at the NEC. After a couple of emails and phone calls I got the job!! I had a great time, it was great seeing all the stash go up on the stall, Jill and Mark were lovely to work for and I had a great time meeting all the lovely ladies (and men!!) that came to the NEC. I even got to meet Dawn of All Pink Girl who was doing a bit of crafty shopping. And of course no trip to the Hobbycrafts Exhibition could go without a few purchases so today was SHOPPING DAY. I made just a couple of purchases (LOL) from the Magnolia stand, The Hobby House, Riverside Beads to name a few . . . .

So after a long few days, I'm looking forward to my bed tonight.

Thanks for reading!


Oh I nearly forgot to mention, Did anyone that visited the NEC today have any strange experiences with any Star Wars character? There I was tucking into my Subway and was poked in the back by a Tuscan Raider! It put me right off my meatball marinara !!

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