Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another hobby to add to the list!

So after noseying around blogland, I ended up on etsy looking at knitting patterns! I've had the bright idea of knitting Ben and Alex a little extra gift in the form of a Christmas Hooligan . .

Holly, Ivy and Steve to call them by their proper names!
Bearing in mind I haven't knitted since I was little and even then it was plain knit squares. But liking a challenge I went ahead and bought the pattern, printed it off and trotted round to my Mom's for a crash course on knitting. It turns out that these little hooligans are knitted in the round or on three needles, well you might as well of been taking a foreign language. But not put off we headed to Lora Crafts to purchase the wool and needles. I went for cheap and cheerful Stylecraft DK in Lipstick, Zing and Cream.

Back home and raring to go we turned to Judy (lol) on you tube!! Whatever did we do before the internet? We watched the video a few times and after a few false starts we were away!!!

And there we have it, a week later and all of Steve's body parts are knitted, just waiting on some safety eyes and then I'll sew him up.

I'm pleased that I've managed to get this far with only the help of my Mom and Judy - so much so I've started knitting up Holly.

But I'll save her to show you another day . . . .

Thanks for looking!


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